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Battle Pass Event

If a event will be on server, we will announce before, did you get ready?
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Mon Jan 31, 2022 8:27 pm

Dear players,

Are you a true warrior?
Because he or she fights with nothing, a true warrior is unstoppable. We must destroy the mind of contention that we have within us in order to be victorious. True warriors recognize and grab that moment by putting forth an effort that is so intense and intuitive that it can only be described as one from the heart. Demonstrate your battle skills by purchasing the Battle Pass and win exceptional rewards that weigh a total of more than 2500 DCs. Join our challenge now, let the village scream your name and have your name plaqueted on everyone's hearts.

You can purchase the Battle Pass from the Item Mall for 499 DCs and activate it in-game at any time, the missions being available only during the month of Battle Pass season. After consuming the seal of the Battle Pass, click on the bar under the minimap to check your progress:


Kind regards,
Ancient2 Team.
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