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If a event will be on server, we will announce before, did you get ready?
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Sun Aug 28, 2022 2:10 pm

The Sun&Summer event will replace the last year's summer event.
Dear players,
The summer is not over yet, so chill yourself with a content event that keep you busy, become unstoppable and collect amazing rewards, don't forget about the season costumes and take a huge advantage of the bonuses.

You have to collect the Ice Cream with Syrup from everywhere in the game, as a general drop, open them and get some items that will help you along the way.
The only limit is you, and the +/- 15 levels requirement for drop, enjoy! :)

Here you can see a list of items which you can drop from the Ice Creams, this time you can drop season costumes and hairstyles
  • Image
  • Blessing Scroll
  • Salsa Suit (30 days, +10% monsters & 1,2k HP)
  • Salsa Dress (30 days, +10% monsters & 1,2k HP)
  • Salsa Bun (30 days, +10% monsters & 1,2k HP)
  • Bogart Fedora (30 days, +10% monsters & 1,2k HP)
Note that Ice Cream with Syrup can be found on Special Inventory > Chests

The event will start on 28.08 and will end on 25.09.
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