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Tue May 12, 2020 10:19 pm



Today i have worked with a developer for implement New Offline Shop System, players can open maximum two offline shops / character.
  • A player can open maximum two offline shops / character.
  • You can edit price/add/remove items from offline shop.
  • You can withdraw your earned Yang after sale of objects from offline shop.
  • You can edit the time of offline shop, also can edit the name of the shop.
  • After seen a player's offline shop, the color will change - easy when you searching on them.
  • You can close a offline shop and withdraw unsolded objects and reamaining yang after sale (if applicable).
  • Offline Shop can be opened in any kingdom.
This system was purchased from donations and i have to thank you all for supporting this community and it's contigous developing.

Also i have a good news for all of you, Change Channel is also available from today!

The server will be under maintenance for about 15 minutes due New Offline Shop feature update.
If you have any problem/suggestion/question about this system please contact me or open a new topic on forum.

All the best!
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